Welcome to The Conspiracy, Uptown Charlotte's best-kept secret. Located off West 5th Street, our speakeasy is a hidden gem that invites you to step back in time to an era of mystery and intrigue.

Our carefully curated menu features an array of delectable light bites, perfectly complemented by our expertly crafted cocktails, thoughtfully selected wines, and a diverse range of beers.

Indulge in the enchantment of The Conspiracy, where secrets are whispered and unforgettable experiences are forged.

Owned & Operated by Northwood Ravin

The Conspiracy is a groundbreaking venture by Northwood Ravin that transcends the boundaries of exceptional living experiences. Drawing upon years of experience in the multifamily industry and successfully curating bars exclusively for our residents, we felt the time was ripe to share something extraordinary with a wider audience.

The Conspiracy embodies the culmination of our passion for creating exceptional spaces and delivering unparalleled hospitality. Prepare to immerse yourself in an ambiance like no other as we unveil a new chapter in our journey, inviting both residents and the public to indulge in the remarkable world of The Conspiracy.

The Space

Welcome to our speakeasy bar and lounge, where time stands still and secrets unfold. Step into a bygone era, where whispers fill the air, and the clinking of glasses creates a symphony of celebration.

Our intimate space exudes an alluring charm, adorned with vintage accents and ambiance. Sip on meticulously crafted cocktails, indulge in the mystique, and become part of the living history that is the essence of a true speakeasy experience.

our menu